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Vip Transportation Services Nyc

When someone is a VIP, you want to treat them like royalty. You want them to feel important, and you want to make sure that their travel and their experience is as pleasant, on time, and reliable as possible.

This is one of the reasons we’re proud to offer our VIP transportation services at Limo King. With a complete fleet of luxury vehicles available, highly trained chauffeurs, and affordable pricing, we’re confident that we offer the best of VIP transportation in New York City for any type of event.

Who Uses VIP transportation services?

There are many different types of VIPs, and thus many different examples of VIP transportation. In New York City, especially, we’re frequently contacted to supply limo transportation for a variety of different types of VIPs, including – but not limited to:

  • CEOs and ExecutivesTop Clients
  • Celebrities and Event Guests
  • Bride/Groom and Their Parents

VIP is a broad term. Our goal is to make sure that anyone that requires special treatment has an opportunity to receive that treatment in the form of their own personal limo transportation from Limo King.

What Types of VIP Transportation Are Available?

Limo King is a full-service limousine rental company, which allows us to offer all different types of vehicles for your transportation needs. We have small, compact, limousines for those that simply need a way to get from point A to point B, as well as traditional and enhanced limos with more seating and space for the VIPs that need it. Our fleet is filled with luxury cars both small to large, including;

  • SUV Limousines
  • Stretch Limos
  • Hummer Limos and More

We even have party buses and luxury passenger vans for those that need to transport large groups of VIPs to any location. No matter the number of people in the party, or the type of experience that you’re hoping to give them, our luxury VIP transportation services in New York City is able to provide them with the experience that you hoped for a cost that you can afford.

Our Drivers and Limos at Limo King in NYC

We’re proud to serve Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island City, and more. While limos are most commonly associated with the quality of the cars, it’s our drivers that make Limo King the best possible choice for your VIPs.

Well trained and highly experienced, our drivers become your personal service staff, delivering anyone in our vehicles a level of support that is specifically designed for their satisfaction and needs.

Every single person we provide services for becomes our utmost priority. They each become OUR VIP. We treat them as though we are their personal limousine service, giving them the support they need to make sure that their transportation is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Book Your Limo Today with Limo King

Whether it’s business, an event, or simply for pleasure, we know how important your VIPs are to you, and how much you want to make sure that they are being given quality treatment that a very important person in your life or office deserves.

We’ve made it easy to book a limousine online through our website so that you can make sure you’re ready for that VIP’s treatment. We’re also happy to take your phone calls at any time at 631-812-7373, and discuss any additional options you want to add to make the trip more personal.

Limo King is the number one choice in NYC for limousine rentals and luxury transportation services, and we stand behind our reputation and our abilities. When you have that VIP that you want or need to schedule a limousine for, our team here at Limo King is ready to help. Call us today, or use the online booking system to get started.