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Group Transportation Services NYC

Traveling with a group can often be difficult. Limo Kings makes it easy with our Group Transportation Services. As the luxury transportation leaders in New York City, we have limousines large enough for nearly any sized group, giving you not only a way to travel with everyone in your party – but to do so in a way that is as fun and memorable as the plans you have ahead of you.

Travel Better with Limo Kings – Group Transportation Services

Limo Kings is the NYC leader in luxury transportation and limousine services. We have a fleet of small, medium, and large vehicles, all of which have the style and luxury that you expect from a limo rental service.

That is what makes us such a great choice for your group events. When you have a large group, your choices are either multiple cars (with multiple drivers), everyone trying to take the subway, or arranging some other type of public transportation. That’s not ideal for a fun, fast, easy to organize night.

At Limo Kings, we can supply luxury transportation that allows you and your entire party to travel together with ease. Our vehicles and drivers are available for essentially any type of event, and we are commonly called for rides that include:

  • Group Nights Out – There is so much to do around NYC. Why spend hours of your day trying to organize travel? Why force some people to avoid enjoying the night because they have to drive, or spending a great deal on individual taxis as you try to make sure everyone knows where they’re going? With our luxury rentals, you can all travel together, get to any destination with ease, and turn a normal night out into a memorable night out.
  • Special Occasions – We’re a great choice for proms, weddings, birthdays, premieres, and numerous other special events. We can help you get to whatever the occasion may be in style, where you and your party are treated like VIPs.
  • Event Shuttles–In both your personal and your private life, you may find that you need a way to transport large numbers of people. From weddings to corporate events to large parties, there may come a time when you notice that a significant sum of people need to have transportation. Make that transportation something that they fully appreciate, with a luxury event shuttle from Limo King.

Of course, these are only some of the many examples of the types of group transport that we can provide all around NYC – whether it’s Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, The Bronx, Queens, or anything nearby. Our New York City luxury group transportation services turn group travel into something much better and much greater.

Our Fleet for Group Events

Limousines are best known for luxury. But they also provide something valuable – something that few other forms of transportation offer:

They provide space.

Our limos are no different. We have limousines and luxury transportation for groups of all sizes, with a fleet that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Stretch Limos – Can seat 8 to 12
  • Hummer Stretch Limos – Can seat 10 to 14.
  • Luxury Passenger Vans – Can seat 8 to 12.
  • Party Buses – Can seat 16 to 32.

You can charter any of these forms of luxury transportation, and make sure that you have the ride you need to transport any number of passengers anywhere they need to go.

The Limo King – Your Source for Luxury Transportation and Group Transportation

when you have a group that needs to get around New York City, don’t just hail multiple taxis or have everyone figure out their own transportation. Do something better by booking luxury group transportation with Limo King. Our amazing drivers, outstanding quality vehicles, and top tier service means that we can help ensure that your entire party has an amazing time no matter where they may be traveling.

For more information about our affordable group transportation services in NYC, call us today at 631-812-7373 or use our online booking system to reserve your spot. Our luxurious rides can book up quickly, and we’d love to help make sure that you and/or your party are able to receive the high end transportation that everyone deserves.