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Corporate Limousine Services NYC

Limos are the ultimate form of transportation. They turn the worst part of your day into the best part of your day, giving you a comfortable and relaxing ride that makes your day more enjoyable, and allows you to focus on yourself and those around you – rather than the road.

This is especially critical in the corporate world, where time literally is money. Commuting to any location in your own car, a taxi, or the subway may get you where you want to go, but causes you stress and tension that makes the day less productive. At Limo King, we supply corporate limousines for a variety of business uses, with a full fleet of luxury vehicles in all different sizes for any business purpose.

Types of Corporate Limousine Services

We provide both one-time services, and we partner with corporate clients across New York City to ensure that you always have a ride available when you need it. With a complete fleet of vehicles in all different sizes, each of which is equipped with a luxury experience that all of our guests will appreciate.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Client Limousines – if you have a client or guest coming to visit, our client pick up limos ensure that guest is treated like the VIP they are. We will be there the moment they touch down, help them with their belongings, and show them how important they are to your company.
  • Event Limos – When your company is holding an event, whether it’s for employees or invited guests, our limos and luxury vans and buses can help provide the transportation. Our vehicles let every attendee know they are valued, and can also help people get home safely at the end of the night.
  • Executive and Leadership Travel – Those in leadership positions need to be able to do their work while they travel. We make sure that you can focus on the business while we focus on the rides, as well as provide a transportation service that makes an impact.

Every person working at a business needs transportation at some time. You can choose a taxi, or make people take the subway, but for many there is simply no better way to get around than in a limsouine. The above is represents only a few of our corporate transportation services. With our complete fleet of luxury vehicles of all sizes, we can assist your business with whatever type of transportation it needs to thrive.

Quality Service from Discreet Drivers

Finally, we will make sure that you, or anyone you book for is treated like a valued guest. Our drivers are friendly, discreet, respectful and knowledgeable. We drive efficiently and safely, and genuinely to out of our way to make sure your NYC travel is something you look forward to.

Call Today for NY Corporate Limo Services

Luxury travel is meant to be enhance your day. It’s designed to make sure that one of the worst parts of working turns into one of the best, that your status is always seen in your vehicle, and that you and any of your guests feel like the VIPs that they are supposed to be.

For us, that means making sure that we’re there for you to provide you with whatever corporate limousine services you need, whether it’s someone to simply take a person on staff to the airport or a luxury limousine for a group of clients coming in from across the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about our corporate limousine services in NYC, or you are ready to book with our staff, you can use our online booking system today, or you are welcome to give us a call at any time at 631-812-7373, and we’ll make sure to be there when we’re scheduled. Our limousines are always clean, prepared, and ready to go, and our drivers will make sure that your experience is as ideal and pleasant as possible. Call today to get started.