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About us


Why Limo King ?

Limos are luxury. They are the ultimate form of transportation – the only way to travel that people actually enjoy. The wealthiest men, women, and organizations in the world often hire their own limo staff because they know that the best way to be treated like kings and queens is to travel in a form of transportation that adds to, rather than subtracts from your day.

But not everyone can afford to pay for a full time limousine driver. That’s why the next best thing is a dedicated car service that can be called at a moment’s notice to provide you with luxury transportation whenever you need it.

Who We Are

When we founded Limo King, we did so with the idea that luxury transportation was a right for everyone. We bought a full fleet of luxury vehicles in all different shapes and sizes, found the best possible staff that we could find to give each person a quality ride, and we made sure that we had a plan in place for any type of event or need.

We believe that we offer the best possible service for those that need a limo. Our services include, but are not limited to:



  • Airport Transportation – To travel to or from any airport in or near NYC.
  • Corporate Travel – Transportation for your staff, executives, clients, and more.
  • Executive Cars –We’ll provide transportation to your business’s leaders.
  • VIP Transportation–Anyone that’s a VIP will receive the VIP treatment.
  • Special Occasions – We’ll make sure that you are treated to any special occasion.
  • NYC Sightseeing – We’ll take you to a night out in Manhattan.
  • Group Transportation – We’ll supply your limo, van, or luxury bus for your groups.
  • Nights Out in Manhattan and More – Make your wedding truly special with our limos.

We believe this because our people make this happen. From the moment you book with us, our staff ensures that the schedule is accurate, determines the time they need to get to your location(s), figures out if there is anything else you may need in the vehicles, calls you if we have any questions, and so much more.

We do all of this with the most affordable costs for limos in NYC, and the widest range of vehicles available so that no matter how many people are in your party (or how much space you want in the vehicle), you can receive the utmost support from our trained limousine team.

What Makes a Great Limo Service?

When you are deciding what limos to rent in NYC, you have to ask yourself what makes a great limousine service. It’s not just the vehicles, as anyone can buy and drive a luxury vehicle. It’s also the quality of your care. You want a limousine that will treat you like you are their only rider – one that believes you and anyone else in the vehicle deserves that 5 star treatment.

At Limo King, this is what we offer. We serve areas in and around New York City, including Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island City, and so much more, and we do so with customizable services to ensure that you have anything you could possibly need to make your ride as pleasant and perfect as possible.

We’re Limo King – the number one choice in limos in NYC, and we’re ready to serve you.

Next Steps to Book a Limo with Limo King

If you’re ready to learn more about our company, please call us today at 212-333-4343 . We’re happy to answer any questions you have or talk to you about a custom service that you need for any occasion. If you’re looking to book now, we have an easy to use online limo booking system that allows you to pick your time and the type of vehicle in no time.

Limo King is here to make sure that you have the best possible experience for your luxury limousine transportation. Book with us today to get started.